Billion Hero Campaign Spotlight of the Week: Animal Aid Unlimited

21 June 2018 6:08 am

The Story of Sunny


In a remote village just miles outside of Udaipur, India, locals reported soft wails coming from nearby well. As they drew closer, they found the cries were not from a human, but from a trapped dog.


The well was not made of stone, it was a deep, wide hole in the ground surrounded by foliage. Freshly excavated, the walls still seemed prone to a sudden collapse. No one dared venture inside out of fear of never being seen again.


A day passed. Then another, and another. Five days had come and gone until one of the locals even heard about Animal Aid Unlimited. Two rescuers, Ganpat and Kalu Singh, immediately set out to help. Instead of being lowered by rope, Animal Aid utilized a crane that was able to gently lower one of the rescuers into the hole and retrieve and rescue the fallen canine.


After an agonizing wait, the rescuers emerged with Sunny the dog, panting and malnourished, but alive and breathing. If they had waited any longer, or if Animal Aid were not there, it’s unlikely Sunny would be here today.


Phoenix: Rising From The Gutters


Sunny isn’t the only animal with an incredible story. Animal Aid recounts another call they received about a collapsed dog in a sewage drain. As soon the rescuers arrive on the scene, they quickly see Phoenix up to her neck in water and garbage. Her breath is short, her energy is spent.


Eventually, the rescuer gently pulled her from the sewage and revealed that one of Phoenix’s legs were broken, and her skin showed signs of necrosis. The blood loss may have also caused her to go into shock.


Rescuers made the difficult but necessary decision of amputating her leg to stop the infection. The procedure required experts working carefully, and caregivers staying by her side.

Although she lives today with only three legs, you can see the smile on Phoenix’s face, the twinkle in her eye, and the spring in her step. In her new home, she’s cared for and loved by a community.


Animal Aid: Rescuing Animals on the Street


Sunny’s story is a miracle, but other animals aren’t so lucky. In the streets of India, dogs, donkeys, bulls, pigs and other animals face the harsh realities of the open world every day. Sometimes they are abused, other times completely neglected.


People want to help these animals, but don’t always know how. That’s why Animal Aid was formed. Designed to crowdsource support and funding to protect the most vulnerable animals, Animal Aid has become the first-response emergency team for trapped or neglected creatures.


“The mission of Animal Aid Unlimited is to rescue and treat the un-owned street animals of India who have become ill or injured, and through their rescue inspire a community to protect and defend the lives of all animals.”


Founded in 2002, Animal Aid was created out of a need for a free emergency response team for animals in need. Since then, the organization responds to over 50 calls a day, has established a hospital and sanctuary, and conduct outreach projects that educate and empower communities.


Joining the Billion Hero Campaign


Animal Aid’s latest move is in the crypto space. The rescuers in India have partnered with the Billion Hero Campaign to crowdsource cryptocurrency investments from around the world. Regardless of where you live or how much you can donate, anyone on the platform can make a difference to the lives of these animals.


It’s easy to back a campaign on Billion Hero Campaign. Users earn points and/or FREEROS, by completing various games and activities, such as reading blog posts, posting videos, and completing lessons. Users can then use those points to vote for their favorite charities or organizations (free of charge!).


Currently the prize is at $1 million. Once the endowment grows to $1 billion, the prize will be divided among the top twelve winners accordingly:



Once you have an account set up, simply go to Animal Aid’s BHC page. There you’ll find some additional information, such as videos, company updates, and a brief description of their work. Backers can mark their support by sending earned points.


Billion Hero Campaign is aiming to educate people on cryptocurrency, while ensuring the technology benefits those in need.


There are still animals out there like Sunny and Phoenix who need urgent help. Animal Aid can’t do it alone. They need the support of individuals like you. Are you willing to step up and contribute what you can?


If you have not joined The Billion Hero Campaign yet, you can do that in the form below. You’ll get your first five FREERO cryptocurrency tokens and a step by step course on how to set up your own cryptocurrency wallet.


If you’ve already joined and want to know how to vote for you can find out here: Billion Hero Campaign Voting