12 October 2017 1:11 pm

Our global payment system is based on a network of financial institutions and banks, but do we want them?

One firm says no and is creating a system to in fact unbank the banks. Bitspark, has placed great emphasis on creating a user friendly program that is mobile. Bitspark clients can utilize the Bitspark Sendy program money to send and receive payments. 

Bitspark recently announced that they'd be shifting from Bitcoin into BitShares since it's better suited to your corporation's business. Bitcoin can be slow and expensive so everyone prefunds balances at their liquidity providers in bulk. Because of the power and flexibility of the BitShares platform, Bitspark has revealed a bold plan to revolutionize the remittance sector by "removing banks in the equation". The remittance industry is an old business and one that accounts for billions of dollars of money flow into developing countries.

Bitspark and bitshares has all the attributes that will kill cash and the centralized banking system. 

It's quite worrisome that in 2017 so six banks have failed in the United States. That's more than all of 2016. It's trending up and the time to start looking for alternatives. Cryptocurrencies or altcoins can do everything that regular paper dollars can and more. Cryptocurrencies can be broken up and sold in pieces and cryptocurrencies can be transferred digitally from one person to another without the use of a third party.

Bitspark is well on the way to unbanking the banked. Read more about it in the full article here: Unbanking the Banked

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