12 October 2017 1:12 pm

BitShares to raise $1 billion for Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

In the wake of destruction left by Hurricane Harvey, BitShares is looking to raise billions of dollars for relief efforts. BitShares has developed a way to create digital currency endowments that can leverage industry growth to multiply a single donation into a steady stream of donations that can last for years.

One dollar can become hundreds of dollars paid out to Houston over several years. One thousand dollars can become hundreds of thousands and so on. A million dollars donated in Bitcoin five years ago at $4 are worth a billion dollars today. BitShares plans on harnessing the power of its own growth to multiply funds in an endowment.

The Billion Hero Campaign is going to start raising such an endowment immediately and present the plan to the Texas authorities when the group are in Austin next weekend. They will sponsor Rebuild Houston with their own Billion Hero Prize and encourage others to raise an even bigger prize dedicated to the victims of Harvey.

The Billion Hero Campaign is already designed to turn millions into billions, giving it all away to 12 Big Heroic Audacious Projects (BHAPs). BitShares has a smart coin called the HERO that is worth about $160 and grows at 5% annually. If you have three HEROs worth of BitShares as collateral, you can borrow another HERO to spend, while your collateral keeps growing.

“if you donate $30, it could grow to $30,000 collateral in two years while Harvey victims get a steady series of HERO payments that add up to $10,000 - without touching the $30,000 endowment you have cleverly built for them.”

You can donate any digital currency on the BitShares DEX to the bhap-rebuild-houston BitShares account and watch how it generates Heros for Houston over the next two years.

Institutional and Celebrity sponsors should contact

Eddy Taylor at 1+ (310) 940 2404 in the EDT time zone

To learn more about the effort to rebuild Houston and how the HERO functions, read the following blog post:


The Billion Hero Campaign has also launched an online game where players can learn about digital money by participating in small games and activities. To learn more about the Billion Hero Campaign and to sign up for the game click on the "Get Notified" button here: Billion Hero Campaign