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How to Vote for Billion Hero Campaigns

19 June 2018 4:01 am

After you’ve logged in go to the Dashboard


From there choose a campaign you want to learn more about.


Simply click on the campaign and watch the video.


Click on the title of the campaign to read their mission and get links to their blog.


If you’ve already gotten points awarded, you can do that with education and edutainment.


Every time you learn something new, you get points. Those points you can give to the campaign you want to stand behind. You can make a lot of dreams come true.


Go ahead, get started. Register here.


How To Get More Points and Tokens


If you want to get updates on new opportunities to get more points and Freero Tokens


Sign Up Here  You’ll receive 5 Freero Tokens


Billion Hero Campaign teaches people all about blockchain and cryptocurrency in order to use what they learn to help themselves, while helping their favorite cause, charity or organization change the world.