The Endowment of the Future

17 January 2018 2:25 am


When you hear the word cryptocurrencies, the first thing that comes to mind isn't charity. In fact, you might think that the very same people who believe in the technology behind cryptocurrencies are focused on it only for the monetary value.


What if I told you that there is a platform that is working on providing good throughout the world. A platform built on good deeds such as building homes and feeding families. A platform that can help you learn about digital currencies and at the same time change the worlds of thousands of families around the planet. That platform is here and it's called the billion-hero campaign and its powered by the Bitshares platform.


A Billion Hero Campaign


It works like this. Anyone can join a team or change teams by simply entering the account name of the team's leader in their own account settings. Then when the BitShares scans its blockchain it will list the names of the leading twelve teams.


All you do is save your BTS wallet to your team leader within your account and those very same BTS (or BitShares) act as the collateral to back the HERO tokens.


What's The Point


After stepping back and analyzing the ecosystem surrounding cryptocurrencies the team realized that there was no solution that had the proper mix of incentives support good in the world.


Imagine if someone, even yourself had invested in your favorite cryptocurrency a few years ago. Think of all the gains you would have made and the good things you would have done in the world. Now imagine if there was a way, let's say an endowment that rewarded you for cryptocurrencies massive gains.


With the creation of the Hero Token on the Bitshares platform, there is now a mathematically defined way to build up your cryptocurrencies portfolio and give back to charity.


The Hero token is an asset build to appreciate annually by around five percent. Because of this, there are opportunity to borrow against any to solve problems plaguing our very planet.


By locking up your tokens and participating in small games and activities that will teach you how to build a nest egg, or an empire you will be joining the ranks of these success stories around the world helping making dreams come true.


What if you just donated $50, it could grow immensely and at the same time bring relief to the world. Bitshares has locked up 1 million dollars in shares of one of these new digital companies in a trust accounts. This money is the seed of inspiration that we aim to grow to 1 billion dollars.


Hence, The Billion Hero Campaign


A billion coins, a billion reasons why. This contest will end when the donated million-dollar prize reaches a billion dollars in value. A factor of 1000 growth. Bitcoin did that in six years. Ethereum did it in two. When the billion-hero-prize account first exceeds $1B, it will be divided among the top 12 teams as shown in the table.




To wrap it up, The Billion Hero Campaign is being done to spread awareness but also show the benefits of a Bitcoin Endowment. Essentially a Bitcoin Endowment is just a donation that is held in Bitcoin or any mix of other crypto-currencies which benefits from the growth of the assets it holds.


By using BitShares, you are allowed to lock up any donations principle in escrow and borrow against it to fund operations while the principal remains untouched and continues to grow. And if that principal grows, think of all the good it will do it the world.