The Only Crowdfunding Game Where Everyone Wins

27 February 2018 2:55 am

The Billion Hero Campaign: The Only Crowdfunding Game Where Everyone Wins


Cryptocurrencies have forever changed how we view currency. For the first time in history, a person living in Africa can send money to someone in Japan, who can then pay for services from America, without having to rely on a third-party like a bank.


While digital payments have become easier and more transparent, cryptocurrency hasn’t been utilized for anything charitable.


The Billion Hero Campaign aims to change that.


What Is The Billion Hero Campaign?


The Billion Hero Campaign was conceived as a unique platform designed for fundraisers, charities, and foundations with a noble cause.


For example, Evander Holyfield's Humanitarian Disaster Preparedness Campaign seeks to use cryptocurrencies to fund relief efforts for natural calamities. Another campaign aims to turn The Kingdom of North Sudan into a research facility for ecological sustainability, making it the first crowdfunded nation.


While there are dozens of different causes, each differing in goal and scope, the Billion Hero Campaign makes it easy for anyone to donate to the cause they care about the most.


Who Are The People Behind The Billion Hero Campaign?


The Billion Hero Campaign was conceived by Stan Larimer, the “Godfather of Bitshares”, and other leaders from Cryptonomex, leaders in custom blockchain development.


Larimer and the team are using the BitShares token (BTS) and exchange as it can handle 100,000 transactions per second, and has a steadily increasing value.


How Does It Work?


First, a foundation joins the Billion Hero Campaign. There is a few dozen currently onboard, and the campaign list continues to grow each day.


Each foundation gets their own page. Similar to other crowdfunding websites, you’ll notice a video explaining more about the goal, a description for more detailed information, the most recent donations, and the amount raised so far.


Backers create an account to purchase BTS coin, a cryptocurrency tied to the real value of BitShares. When you buy a BTS coin, Billion Hero Campaign buys the equivalent amount of BitShares.


Each BTS coin gives you 100 points, which you can then send to a foundation. If you like, you can donate the entire BTS coin as well.


But unlike other cryptocurrencies, you cannot sell BTS coin.


Why? For the Billion Hero Campaign to succeed, we need as many people to hold the coin so that the value of BitShares continues to grow. Even though BTS coin purchases are not done on the BitShares blockchain, they are tied to a real BitShares token taken out of circulation. Similar to how bitcoin and ethereum both rose exponentially, the decreasing supply of BitShares will cause its value to rise.


Although we are not any of the following, visualize how a savings account, IRA, or 401k work, you leave your funds there without touching it, and over time it grows. We look at the process being very similar which will allow everyone using the BHC platform to win... (This is the only game where Everyone Wins!)


Once the competition ends (when it reaches a particular monetary value), the foundation with the most points wins the 1st place cash prize, the foundation that placed 2nd wins the 2nd place cash prize, and so on all the way to 12th place. All BTS coin holders will receive the real value of their BTS held in the endowment.


For a more detailed representation of how a 1,000,000,000 prize would be split, review the table below.




How can I join?


Anyone can start a campaign, and anyone can back a campaign with the Billion Hero Campaign platform. All it takes is a simple sign up process. Enter your foundation’s name and cause, along with additional information to explain your purpose for fundraising.


To back a project, simply sign in and click donate. Points backed by your BTS coins will transfer from your digital wallet to the foundation’s digital wallet. It’s that easy to start giving to the world’s most charitable organizations.


The Vision


The Billion Hero Campaign is just getting started. Expect the platform to be updated with more features, a more refined interface, and of course, more charitable campaigns. This is just the beginning. We envision thousands of people playing the BHC game within the next few years, forming teams and their own campaigns. Most importantly, all the players will be contributing to important causes that can further medical science, ecological sustainability, geopolitical and socio-economic solutions.


Join the Billion Hero Campaign, and join a community of cryptocurrency experts and enthusiasts who want to help and donate to worthy causes. Enjoy raising funds for good causes!